A person who likes staying alone, all by himself. I can do that for hours and even days. And yet, I’m not one of those mood spoilers who leaves the party early. When I’m with friends, I’m at my wittiest best. When I’m alone, I’m lost in some or the other random thought.

Having born in India, I’ve imbibed all that this amazing country had to offer and yet I crave for those towering snow capped mountains of my homeland Nepal. Caught in this perpetual indecision, I’ve learned to make peace with where life leads me.

In the writing scenario, I started late, too late. I spent most of my life trying to fit in to the stereotypes, following the trends; whether it’s the education specialization subject or a career. It was almost in my mid twenties that led me to the realization that it’s okay not to live as the world expects you to live.

So here I am now, working in the industry I love (advertising) and writing things that I never thought would see the light of the day. I hope you like whatever I share here. Cheers!