We sit in a plush café, my friends and I.

Just like good old times.

How long has it been since we last met? Maybe 2 months or more.

Anyways, there we are, talking about all kinds of random stuff.

From work to friends, interesting enough!

Oh hey, one of them got a new job! Congrats bro!

And the other one just came back from a nice little vacation.

Sir, your order? The waiter interrupts.

Just give us two minutes, we send him away.

We quickly decide what to order, and get done with it.

Hey, let me call another of our friends; proposes one of them.

And then we take turns at the phone with him.

The food is here, about time.

But first, let us call the fifth friend of our unnamed group.

He’s getting married in a couple of months you know.

Ring, ring. No response. We try again, the result is the same.

Ah, chuck it! Let’s dig in. We’re all hungry.

Let’s plan for a trip together, the usual planning begins.

Lots of possible destination names are thrown in.

The three of us, oh actually four! How could we forget one of us in married, duh!

Okay, so the planning continues, possibly for November.

While all of us know it’s going to be cancelled.

We’re all busy with our own precious lives, you see!

From work to family, and everything in between.

The lunch is over now, we’re all so full.

Our bills are paid, split in equal parts.

We leave the place towards our cars.


Okay then, when will you be back? I ask.

Don’t know buddy, I’ve too much work on my hands.

Okay, whenever you get time, we’ll meet up again. I say.

Sure, he says, and we bid goodbyes.


There’s nothing thrilling in this story,

I guess you have already noticed.

But that’s the most fun I’ve had in a long time, seriously!

Friends who used to meet daily at college,

And raise he roof with our jokes.

Now meet after two months or so, without the presence of other two.


But I’ll still look ahead to the next time we meet,

Share a meal, crack a joke or two.

For this is what matters now, meeting them anyhow.

Even if it means just a lunch over usual conversation.


That was last Sunday, a good one in a long time indeed.

No matter how uneventful they are, sometimes that’s all that I need!