The Indian Film Industry, also known as Bollywood churns out the maximum number of movies compared with any other in a year. While I don’t expect much from the majority of the current batch of producers and directors, there are a few who keep my faith alive in this industry. But today, I’m not writing this for people like me; the educated and sensible audience who are highly critical of what they watch.

I’m writing this as a person who likes watching movies with his family, who likes to go to multiplexes with his parents to watch movies. My mother, although not a big movie fan, occasionally loves going to the multiplex. She keeps asking about upcoming movies which she can watch. She’s not blessed with high quality education like most of us, yet she’s not a closed minded person who gets shy of a little intimacy on the big screen.

I also look forward to taking her to watch movies and have a couple of fun filled hours with her. Now here is where the problem arises! Bollywood sucks at making family entertainers, especially since the last decade or so. There have been only a handful of movies which the young generation can sit and enjoy with their parents. Either the movies are a bit complicated to comprehend or made only for a specific class of audience which doesn’t have anything to do with the nuances of good cinema.

No, we can’t watch an ex-porn star gyrate to intentionally written explicit songs in the name of women empowerment. We also can’t stand no brainer movies which are solely made to earn hundreds of crores. And we certainly can’t watch a movie that has crappy special effects and twisted historical facts just for the sake of it.

So my question is: How difficult is it to write a decent story and translate it into a family entertainer? Why can’t the so called big shots of Bollywood understand the fact that there’s a big section of audience which simply wants a decently made movie to pass 2-3 hours of their free time? Is it too difficult to fathom that if we really want to watch people getting sleazy and intimate; there are much better options available for us?

So if you’re listening Bollywood, get you act together. We don’t expect you to make Inception and The Dark Knight, but you can surely make movies that we can enjoy with our family and have a fun outing every now and then. We have some pretty good actors, please use them to make meaningful movies. I’ve seen it happen and will optimistically expect it to happen more often. Till then, I’ll stay away from your worthless movies for good and also keep my parents safe from your nonsensical bullshit that you call art. Yours frustratingly, an occasional movie-goer.